Privacy Policy

  • Today Global Builders & Developers is strongly committed to protect the privacy of its customers and has taken all reasonable measures in line with industry best practices to protect the confidentiality of the Personal Information provided by you.
  • Personal Information means any information /documents/details that relates to a natural person, which either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with Today Global Builders & Developers, can identify such person.
  • While providing the details/documents to Today Global Builders & Developers, including but not limited to Personal Information as mentioned hereinabove, you expressly consent to Today Global Builders & Developers (and its affiliates and business partners) to contact you, to make follow up calls in relation to the products and services provided by Today Global Builders & Developers, for imparting product knowledge, for offering promotional offers and for various other activities.
  • In furtherance to the above, you expressly waive the Do Not Call (DNC) / Do Not Disturb (DND) registrations on your phone/mobile numbers for contacting you for the above purposes. Hence, there is no DNC / DND check required for the number you have provided to us, either via the website or through another online transmission. Such modes of contacting you may include sending SMSs, email alerts and / or telephonic calls.
  • Today Global Builders & Developers may share your Personal Information with our affiliates and business partners, where we feel that you will be better assisted for the purpose of providing our products and services.
  • By providing your Personal Information to us, either via the Website or another form of digital transmission, you agree to this Policy. Today Global Builders & Developers reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to change or otherwise modify the Policy without prior notice.
  • The effective date of this Policy, Aug 1 2018, indicates the last time this Policy was revised or materially changed.