TODAY GLOBAL DEVELOPERS presents in association with TIMES GROUP

“BACK TO BACHPAN” Event at their upcoming lifestyle project “TODAY’S ANANDAM” at Kharghar.

The Initiative in collaboration with “TIMES GROUP” was envisaged to promote 2 days gadget free life especially for kids. In this modern world, social media and technology has replaced physical games and activity at far unimaginable level. To engage, promote and boost physical games and activity, TODAY GLOBAL DEVELOPERS with the launch of their lifestyle project “TODAY’S ANANDAM” focused on a nature filled habitat with all modern amenities in place.

The event not only was enjoyed by kids but adults, parents & grand parents took part in all activities and engulfed themselves in a world outside gadget enclosure.

The Activities that were part of event:

1. The Family Time Zone
  • Board Game Time
  • Cook Out Time – Cook a meal together
  • Arts and Crafts – Create Art Together
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Family Dumb Charades and other Games
  • Family Fitness Fun
  • Family Fancy Dress
2. The Back to Earth Zone (Get Your Hands Dirty)
  • Plant and Paint – Plant a potted plant and paint the pot and make your own flower garden
  • Pebble Painting – Collect pebbles and make art on them
  • Create a sand or mud pit and make monuments, Shapes, numbers, mud / sand art etc.
  • Compost making
  • Art with Dry and pressed leaves, flower and Mud
  • Nature Collage, household items, bookmarks etc.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt with Clues
  • Growing seeds
3. The Color & Creativity Zone
  • A host of activities with arts and crafts and color which is put together by a curator to be attended by kids and their families.
4. The Fable Zones
  • A storytelling zone with a variety of books for all ages to read
  • Inspire families to read together
  • Have a storytelling hour in the form of an open mic where people are asked to narrate short stories (fairy tales, fables, personal tales)
  • This also works as a book exchange and book donation zone
5. Zone Activities
  • Music
  • Life Size Jhenga
  • Doodle Making Workshop
  • Pot Making
  • T-Shirt Printing and many more